How to Avoid Mistakes in Online Marketing

Online marketing can be tricky and anyone can make mistakes. It is easy to get sidelined or ignore them which will only hamper your business. You need to take charge, identify the mistakes and ensure they are rectified. Here , let’s discuss some of the common mistakes made by new or experienced marketers and how we can avoid them –

  1. Building a set and forget website –

This is one the biggest mistakes one can make. There is no such thing as set and forget. With Google’s algorithm changing every few months and increasing competition as well as changing SEO trends, keeping up with the trends is utmost important. You need to know whats going on around you and help it to build your site. You cannot just build a website and leave it. You need to constantly update it with fresh content, add on page and off page SEO and keep it optimized. Its important to track and analyze everything in order to stay on top of things and made amends if you see any sudden drops in traffic or sales.

  1. Doing everything yourself –

Even if you don’t have a big budget, its important to have someone else help with your marketing efforts . Doing everything yourself can not only get exhausting but it will only give you one perspective to things – You need to understand the market, analyze the statistics and stay on top of trends. Ideally, you should atleast have a virtual assistant to help you with other things so that you can concentrate on your online marketing and brand building. Bigger companies often have hundreds of people working for them in different departments like SEO, Reputation management, Content development, Finance,  Brand recognition and much more.

  1. Brand building –

Making seasoned internet marketers forget all about brand building and focus solely on sales. This is wrong and you can lose out on great deal of repeat customers if you don’t imprint your brand in their minds. Repeat business can make upto 60% of your topline if you do it right. Repeat customers also mean you don’t have to spend time and money on marketing as much as you had to, in order to achieve your target. So brand building is utmost important and the most common mistake people do is miss this element. For example if you have red and black colors on your logo and different ones in your product packaging or no logo on the envelope – These kind of things are major flaws in your business.

There are many other mistakes you can and will make but that should not get you dishearted. You can easily find your way around it and get back up on the saddle. Always remember not to put all your eggs in one basket and keep other venture options open.

Online  marketing is tricky and so you should be careful with all aspects of it. That being said, there’s always a way to remedy your mistakes and have a great strategy in place for any repercussions.

How to Make Money with Online Marketing

Online marketing is a stepping stone if you want to make a decent incoming or a living on the internet. Everyone yearns to quit their boring day job and online marketing is the right platform for all budding entrepreneurs. It has opened up many options for people of all ages to get involved and start making money.

Some of the ways in which you can use online marketing to generate income online are –

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing means selling someone else’s products for a commission. This is one of the most popular forms in which people make decent money online. Some platforms like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon, Ebay etc have great affiliate programmes and tie ups with big players. Your commissions can range from few dollars and go upto hundreds of dollars per sale, depending on your niche and product.
  2. Selling your own products – You can even sell your own products online – Be it ebooks or some information products, or even physical products like handmade jewellery, candles and much more.
  3. Dropship – You can build an ecommerce website where you sell some one else’s products. You only need to take care of online marketing, whereas everything else from procuring product to packaging and delivering the final product, is the responsibility of the drop shipper / seller.
  4. Income from Ads– There are plenty of websites which pay for your traffic. For example, if you have good organic traffic via online marketing or social media on your website, you can monetize the same by putting up ads of other vendors. Most pay per click, some pay per 1000 impressions and others based on leads.  Google Adsense is the biggest player in ad sales.  Media.Net and Infolinks are also gaining popularity.
  5. CPA  –  CPA  stands for Cost per Action. Cost per action is one of the easiest ways to start making money online. The action can be a lead or a sale. You get paid for every lead or sale your website generates. Lead can be in the form of a verified phone number, a simple form or even a simple email or zip code. A sale will include a verified purchase made on advertisers site ( can be a subscription , a digital good or a physical product). A lead generation can earn you anything from 1-2 dollars for simple leads upto hundred for insurance or financial leads. Sales commissions vary on price of end product.

So these are the top ways you can generate income through online marketing. There are a plethora of other ways to start making a full time income online but by starting with one of these, you will understand how online marketing works and learn your way up.

These methods are in no way to be taken as stepping stones only as these methods (sometimes just one method) has made online billionaires. It can be hard to believe that you can achieve your financial goals just by some internet marketing but it is true and more and more people are following their dreams this way now.

Top 3 Social Media Sites to Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts

Online Marketing is very important for the success of your business, online store or website. No matter what niche or business you are into, online marketing can boost your sales and help increase your top line.

One of the most important ways to market your good, services or products online is using social media marketing. Social media plays an integral role in internet marketing and promotions. With social media giants like Facebook having a user base of over 900 million global users and trillions of page views – such websites are a godsend for webmasters and online marketers.

The key is to understand which are these social media giants, and how to market effectively on them. Here’s a list of few top networks you should add to your Social media marketing circle.

  1. Facebook – In the latest data, Facebook has crossed 1 billion users which is more than double of any other social network. This shows the hold of Facebook in social media. You need to have your website or business registered on Facebook. You must have a business Facebook page and to show the reach of your business, it is important to have lot of fans to your page and regular social interaction with users. You can use Facebook ads to generate more interest in your page. This is one of the most active ways for online marketing of your business , product or webpage.
  2. Twitter -  With over 218 million users, Twitter is far behind Facebook, however it has a strong hold on social media and having a strong presence on Twitter can help sky rocket your sales and garner more clients. You should have a Twitter page for your business with your website clearly mentioned below it. Next you need lots of interesting tweets so that you can get followers who are interested in your niche. This way, you will have laser targeted followers. If you launch a new product, sending a simple tweet out will help you get the message across to your XXX+ number of followers – More the better.
  3. Pinterest – Pinterest one of the fastest growing social site around with over 70 million users till last year. Pinterest is very popular and gaining momentum daily due to its active user base of pinners . Some pins (images) posted go viral and if you have an interesting image to share with the right audience, that is huge amounts of direct viral traffic back to your site. Imagine the potential it holds and start your Pinterest business profile right away.

There are many other social networks which you can join for added online marketing and traffic to your website. However, I would suggest getting a strong hold on these 3 social giants first. You can always expand to other popular portals like Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Myspace, Tagged and more.

So online marketing can be really profitable especially with the help of these top social media sites .

Online Marketing Trends and Opportunities in 2014

It has just been few weeks as the world entered in the New Year, but there are certain trends that keep changing on a yearly basis and that is also true with online marketing trends. Although, some people stick to online marketing tricks there are certain people that prefer to change with time and therefore they focus on new online marketing trends and opportunities that can allow them to get better results. However, before you switch to new trends for online marketing you need to know what trends and opportunities you have in the year 2014 with regards to online marketing.

The New SEO is In

Google has made lot of changes to the new algorithm and that has impacted the regular SEO professionals as they believe that their old strategies are not going to work any longer. The new update has changed the entire search engine optimization concept as Google focuses on engaging the audience with better content rather than just focusing on keywords. Most people in the SEO world call it the New SEO because there is so much to try and focus on the content rather than on keywords. It is right to say that search engine optimization is going to change to audience optimization in the future.

Mobile Apps is a Must

Mobile technologies are exploding in many different ways and many online marketing experts believe that companies that have their own mobile app are going to be on the safer side. On the other hand, online marketers also believe that having a mobile friendly site certainly helps because most consumers today have smartphones and tablets and other mobile devices that allow them to keep searching for better products and services. Having a mobile app certainly improves your chances to reach more customers and engage them in a better way.

Content is Still the King

There are many trends that change in the world of online marketing, but content still remains the king and Google is adamant about it. Google believes in making World Wide Web a better place to search products and services and any other thing that consumers require. However, in 2014 companies will require better content writers that will make a difference and engage the audience and readers in the right way rather than writers that only focus on introducing keywords and phrases that can get those clicks. The importance of content is going to be stronger in 2014 from online marketing point of view.

Social Media Marketing

The trend of social media marketing is going to be bigger in the year 2014 as more companies rely on getting more consumers through social networking sites. There are many social networking sites that have sprung up in the last few years and that is making it difficult for the consumers to stay connected on different platforms. However, online marketing experts realize that companies need to focus on limited social networking sites that are used by their customers and ensure that they get the right results by investing money on the right platforms.

How to Increase Traffic Organically with Simple Online Marketing Strategies?

Online businesses cannot survive without proper internet marketing and therefore website owners and entrepreneurs have to make sure that they stick to the right internet marketing tricks that can allow them to see better results. The best way to do that is hire online marketing service companies that can do that for your business while you pay attention to the core business that really matters. However, if you are on your own you will need to look out for online marketing strategies that can allow you to increase traffic on your website or blog in an organic way. While there are many sites that focus on online marketing you need to be aware that you choose the right online marketing strategies that suit your requirement and budget as well.

Here we take a quick look at some online marketing strategies that can increase traffic organically for your website.

The best way to increase traffic on your site through online marketing is to write good content. This is certainly the best way to promote your business because Google has made lot of changes to their algorithm and therefore focusing just on keywords is not going to help. When you are focusing on the content you have to make sure that you get the best content writers working for you. With the help of great content you can attract more organic traffic on your site and that works all the time. Consumers today are curious to know better and updated information and if you can offer them with something new it will help you grow the traffic on your site. If you have some great writing skills you can look out for various directories where you can publish more information about your products and services and that will spread more information across the web.

Online marketers also make use of various blogs that they use to bring in more traffic to the website and therefore you can create your own blog that works simultaneously to bring more traffic to your website. There are many websites that have their blogs integrated with their website and that allows them to provide more details to the consumers about what their website is all about and what kind of service they offer. On the other hand, comments that are posted on your blogs will also boost more traffic to your website and allow you to go for the right online marketing options.

If you are not too much into writing good content and creating blogs, you can look out for pay per click marketing options that can allow you to get the right traffic that you need. Although, there are certain risk factors involved when you opt for PPC or pay per click marketing but you can look out for online marketing professionals that can make your PPC marketing campaign successful and allow you to get the right results. It is recommended that you research more about PPC marketing before you actually decide if you want to go for it or not.